Real stories about depression and anxiety transformed into animations & games.

The Project

WITTLE presents real experiences from people suffering anxiety and depression. Their stories are portrayed in short animations and casual, web-based games that can be played on any device. No downloading needed, and they’re all free at wittle.ca

Our Mission

WITTLE raises awareness of how depression affects those who suffer from it. Depression is serious and complex, so to make these experiences relatable to anyone, WITTLE presents them as games that put the viewer in the comedians’ heads, and in animations told first-hand. The games and videos can be viewed anywhere, anytime on any device streaming from wittle.ca


Oct 10th, 2019 Launched the first story by Brian, titled DRIFT which can be experienced as a short animated video and casual browser game.

Seeking Stories

Would you like to share your own experience living with depression? Drop us a line at wittle@embreate.com with your contacts and we will reach you to listen to your story and answer any questions. Check out our FAQ to learn about our production process.

Our Team

Wittle is produced by Embreate and Plai Factory in collaboration with CAMH and the support of the Telus Fund.

If you’re interested in joining the WITTLE team, please review our Maker Boost project development page for opportunities.

Our Partners